Is your home different?

From my first conscious thoughts as a little boy, I knew one thing about my family—one thing for sure. My family was different. We weren’t like most others. Growing up, I went back and forth between security and embarrassment about this. At times the strength of my parents’ love for me filled me with confidence. I felt safe there.

But as a youngster who wanted to be accepted by his friends, I would have preferred a normal family, a cool family like the other kids. I knew that my family was different . . . not normal and definitely not cool.

Today, I’m very grateful for this, grateful that my parents dared to build a home that wasn’t the same as everyone else’s home. A home where things were taught and modeled that prepared our family to do more than just deal with a big and scary world out there…a home that dared to prepare us to change our world. So different was okay. No, actually, different was good.

And between you and me, different is still good.

Just down the street from our home in Orlando is something that calls itself “The Happiest Place on Earth.” That’s right. When Walt Disney christened Disney World, he had the audacity to proclaim it the happiest, the premier, the best in its class. Not surprisingly, Disney was a man whose parents established a home when young Walt was growing up that would have been classified as “different.” So as an adult he knew that “different” could be very magnetic . . . in fact, last year more than 43 million people visited Walt Disney World!

Wait a minute, I thought to myself. Why can’t our homes be different in this wonderful way? Why can’t they be places where our children feel as though they’re in another world? Who wants to be normal? Everyone else is normal. This kind of different is good.

Okay, so now you’re getting it. A “different” home is a Christian home.

“But why a Christian home?” you might ask. “What’s so great about a Christian home?”

It’s pretty simple. In a Christian home, there’s something special. It’s called grace. It’s okay if your home is different. It can be a place that’s brimming with God’s grace. Your home is the most important place on earth.